KNEE PAIN - Symptoms and Treatment: 

+Knee pain can affect many of us and at any age. 
+Knee pain can stem from injuries, arthritis, or ruptured ligaments and damaged cartilage. 
+The most common pathways used for treating Knee Pain are braces, Physical Therapy or surgical repair.Pain in the Knee can come in multiple forms but swelling, stiffness, instability, and loss of strength are common for many. 
+Many people who suffer from Knee Pain may also have underlying structural issues. 

Pain on the outside or inside of the knee is common after injury. Swelling, loss of range of motion and stiffness may all be acute symptoms of damage done to the knee. The use of X-rays and MRI’s can give us a deeper view to whether you may have damaged ligaments or cartilage and how extensive the damage has been. Our study of posture and its relation to the body and how it functions brings another aspect to our understanding of dysfunction in the body. NST not only addresses the soft tissue dysfunction associated with Knee Pain but can help identify the source of where the knee pain came from. 

Regarding Knee Pain, postural correction through Neurosomatic Therapy addresses the source of pain that is considered “structural” as well as purely muscular issues. For example, you may have a slight leg length discrepancy which causes the knees to misalign. By correcting the leg length using a simple lift in the shoe, posture can be corrected to restore balance in your knees, resolving the pain. You may have developed a Pronation or Supination in the foot causing the ankle to misalign and in turn misaligning the knee. There are many factors that can contribute to the muscular imbalances involved in chronic knee pain but, more importantly, recognizing the postural imbalance and which muscles are involved and applying treatment techniques to normalize the imbalance are vital to eliminating knee pain. Neurosomatic Therapy takes a systematic, measurable and efficient approach to postural balance. 
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