What is Neurosomatic therapy (NST)?


What is considered soft tissue?


Do you perform Chiropractic care?


Can NST help with arthritis?


Why do I sometimes feel dizziness upon standing after receiving treatment?


Can NST help if I need a hip replacement?


Does NST help with migraines?


Can NST help if I already have a torn muscle?


Does NST treatment help if I'm only seen for one visit?


Does NST help with TMJ dysfunction pain?


Can NST help with a bulging disc?


Do you perform Active Release Techniques (ART) or Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT)? 

No, we specialize specifically in Neurosomatic Therapy. Although our therapist have had training in these specialties as well we find NST to be a more effective strategy in addressing soft tissue pain & dysfunction. If a recommendation is advised your therapist can help with a referral if one is available.  

Can NST help with scoliosis? 


Can NST help with dysplasia?


Can NST help with lumbar disc degeneration?